The Northeast and Small Swales are refuges for wildlife – and for everyone who loves and enjoys Nature  – within easy reach of thousands of people in Saskatoon. City Council has repeatedly acknowledged the value of the Swales and promised to protect them, now and in the future. Yet both the City and the Province are planning developments that will cause irreversible harm to these irreplaceable natural treasures.

If you are concerned about the Swales, below are key questions to ask your city Councillor or MLA.

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Key Questions

  1. Do you agree that the Province should relocate the proposed Saskatoon Freeway (formerly the Perimeter Highway) to avoid crossing the Northeast and Small Swales?
  2. City council and the MVA have taken action to ensure that lighting along city roads and pathways is Dark Sky compliant. Do you agree that the City should amend its Zoning Bylaw 8770 to require industrial, commercial and residential properties adjacent to the Swales to meet these same standards, thereby reducing light spill into this area? Changes would have to control light from buildings, parking lots, signage and prohibit electronic message boards within 500-metres of the Swales.
  3. Do you agree that the City should ensure the long-term protection of the Northeast and Small Swales? For example: as part of the planning for the University Heights 3 development, would you support reserving land to provide a buffer of green space (environmental reserve) to protect the Swales from excessive disturbance?
  4. Do you agree that safe crossings for wildlife and humans are critical for overall safety on the roads through the Swales (Fedoruk, Central, McOrmond, proposed Saskatoon Freeway)? Would you support reducing speed limits to help reduce traffic noise and collisions?
Saskatoon, Small Swale
Phase 2 planning of the Saskatoon Freeway is underway, see the overview here. An additional route option has been identified – view here.

Other ways to act!

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The Northeast Swale Watchers is a group of concerned citizens from a variety of backgrounds who have been monitoring development and advocating for the protection of the Swales since 2011. In our advocacy, members contribute their knowledge and time to make presentations, attend meetings, conduct citizen science, and engage with the public.

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